Mobile Apps Development

This is the era of smartphones and smart devices, and the value and usage of such devices need no special elaboration as they are now a part of daily life. People are searching and accessing information more from smartphones than laptops, and are also accessing the services that way.

Therefore, just like the website, mobile apps hold equal importance for your business. Moreover, apps establish better credibility in minds of clientele.

But for businesses, the major challenge lies in developing the best-suited efficient & robust application on the right platform for different operating systems. There is also a need for proper brainstorming at first hand and selecting what is best for the business; then developing the right & robust solution.

And, in all this, Karventum Analytics offers the best-in-class app development solution for all needs.

Portal Development

Portal Development is an end-to-end service for planning and implementing a secure digital space for the associates, which offers great user experience as well. Such a digital space can be a website or app, serving as a gateway to information and services from various sources. It provides a unified user interface for accessing information, tools, and applications from different systems and platforms.

Karventum Analytics extensively examines the business needs, goals, and objectives, and then packs the needed functionalities into the tailor-made web portal.

Whatever your requirements like the self-service portal, employee or patient portal, B2B or an e-commerce portal, Sales or vendor portal, insurance or investor portal, e-learning or a community portal, we proudly possess all the expertise to power-pack them with AI-powered personalization, chatbots, payments, video streaming, and any other specialized requirement.

Web Apps Development

Web apps are special software applications that are hosted on a server and accessed remotely by the internet user through web browsers. Here one needs not download the application file; complete functionality is offered through the web browser.

With the increased availability and improved user-experience, they not only increase the business efficiency but also increase the profitability in long run.

For any kind of web app development viz. Enterprise apps, web portals, online services like healthcare, analytics app, or any web app-based tool- Karventum Analytics is always there to offer the best.

Incredulous TAT, better UI/UX, cloud migration, Quality Assurance, and safety are our other perks. Let’s connect and brainstorm your requirements and develop sleek apps that would be greatly admired by the users.

E - Commerce Website

Designing a website to sell products (or services) online, and allowing the prospects to view all the offerings effectively with the option of accepting payments online through various modes available, is a bit tricky task. And, for this reason, only the experts must be consulted to craft the same.

E-commerce sites require careful consideration of the UI/UX, including navigation, search functionality, product images/descriptions, and the checkout processes. Ensuring the website's security with features such as SSL certificates and backup systems to protect customer data and prevent downtime is also a must.

Karventum Analytics, with a stronghold on the aforementioned aspects, helps you get the most efficient e-commerce cite with custom storefronts, and scalable microservice architecture, and also helps in digitizing the back-office e-commerce operations.

Web Hosting

The service of providing server space and related resources to host websites or web applications is the web hosting service, and common web hosting services include shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting.

Each type of hosting has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of hosting service depends on the specific needs and budget of the website owner. Therefore, it is always advisable to have proper research before selecting the type and kind.

Karventum Analytics with its rich experience and proficiency in the domain, help you get the best solution within your budget, without a fringe of compromise on quality.

SEO and Web Promotion

Howsoever effective & amazing your offerings are, if the prospects are not able to find you then all your efforts are going to be futile! With special SEO services, Karventum Analytics helps you get ahead in search results.

Web promotion refers to the process of promoting a website or web page to attract more visitors and potential customers. This can include a range of tactics such as social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertising, influencer marketing, and content marketing.

The improved visibility, with the unified approach of SEO and web promotion, helps direct more traffic to your website and increases the profitability of your business.

Website Maintenance

The process of updating, optimizing, and managing a website to ensure that it remains functional, secure, and up-to-date with the ever-changing trends is much more than a luxury. And, this is because it ensures that your business is credible, updated, and worthy of being approached for the offerings.

With technical advancements and powerful plugins website, maintenance holds more importance as this also ensures smooth functioning with no or least possible downtime.

The process includes tasks like performance monitoring, software & plugin updates, bug- fixing, speed optimization, and ensuring better security.

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