Your Helping Hand in the Drive of Growth

“Without Big Data and Business Analytics, the organizations would be like deaf & blind in the midst of a freeway”!

This timeless statement of Geoffery Moore is what made Karventum Analytics to come in market, and with the exceptional expertise to help businesses thrive.

Now it’s our business to grow yours!

With the prowess over Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Business Analytics we are now helping the healthcare organizations to unlock their full potential and reap the incredible benefits of data-driven informed decisions.

Our Offerings

Karventum Analytics, as mentioned above as well, is an organization to help the other organizations. Therefore, our major services are aimed at improving the digital presence, brand awareness, and the Data Intelligence-

  • Business Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Warehousing
  • Dashboard Creations
  • AI & ML Solutions
  • Website/Apps- Development, Hosting, and SEO
  • Digital Marketing- Campaigns & Strategy Design

They all in unison take the businesses to unprecedented heights, which you have always dreamt of.

Other Specialities

We are a one-stop destination for the businesses, as all the services related to Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing, and Web solutions are available under one-roof.

Apart from these services, we also specialize in creating personalized dashboard for the easier and effective presentation of huge data at once. With the custom dashboard design and dashboard development, we also specialize in top Big Data tools like Tableau, Google BigData, and PowerBI. We can also create special Tableau Dashboard Development Services, PowerBI dashboard development, and other custom and customizable dashboards.

What Simply Makes Us the Best?

Being powered by the young dynamic creative team, we have fostered a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Here, we are open to ideas and promote a healthy discussion. This not only makes everyone feel empowered but also blesses us with a new creative approach to solving problems. Such a culture and strong team work are our biggest assets. And, this is what facilitates us to deliver our promises- on-spot and on time! Our special focus is on maintaining very high work ethics so that all those who come into our contact can get a sense of trust & rapport.

High Work Ethics

Though it has been mentioned, it’s still worth repeating that we are here to solve the complexities that businesses are facing. In place of hard-selling, we are firstly focussed on listening more with positive intent and learning as much as possible from all the sources.

We courageously tell the truth and face the truth, and always recommend what is best in the interest of the clients. Also, we keep confidential information private and the data of the customers are 100% safe in our organization.

Our Workflow

Our work pattern comprises of a 4-step process, as:

1. Cognizing Need

Firstly, after an extensive examination we identify the client’s need, and plan the strategy accordingly

2. Analytics

With the 4-step process of analytics viz. Data Modeling, Data Profiling, Data Quality Management, Master Data Management- we check huge datasets for furtherance.

3. Getting Insights

With AI/ML powered Content Enrichment/Extension and Cluster & De-Dupe Events, we get the use-case ready research specific contents.

4. Product

After this we plan for consistent content as per the schedules.

Continuous Improvements

If asked about our success secret in such a short span, then the simple answer would be the incessant pursuit of excellence, and being the best version of ourselves with each passing day!

This attitude has helped us grow our presence by leaps and bounds and is deeply enshrined in the ideology of all those associated with Karventum Analytics. We keep on learning, we keep on improving, and keep on offering the best overtime to those who rely on us.

We Help Through

  • Business Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analytics Solutions
  • AI & ML Solutions
  • Dashboard Creations
  • Data Engineering


Data Warehousing and Big Data platforms with Scalability and Elasticity

Business Intelligence: descriptive analytics

Business Analytics: data mining, statistical analysis, machine learning (ML), AI, predictive modeling, and prescriptive modeling

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