Business Analytics

While privacy concerns are on the rise, so does the generation of big data. By analysis, the huge volume of data sets one can easily gain correct insights and can leverage them for better-informed decision-making.

Here comes the role of business analytics, which helps you in the aforementioned case by deploying toolsets like Data Management, Data Visualization, Predictive Modelling, Data Mining, Forecasting Simulation, Optimization, and others.

Specifically business analytics interprets:

  • Mining and processing historical business data
  • Analysing it to capture the patterns and trends, and their cause as well
  • Leveraging those insights to make data-driven decisions

Business Analytics is of great importance for organizations to enhance their efficiency and lessen the chances of losses; therefore is gaining greater prominence with each passing day!

Business Intelligence

Just like our intelligence helps us analyze the situation and finalize the most effective solution for it, similarly, Business Intelligence is what helps the high-level executives of an organization to solve hard business happenings.

Business Intelligence is a technology-driven process for examining the datasets and delivering some actionable insight for the most optimized decisions. The BI methods include the process and activities like Data Mining, Reporting, Metrics and Benchmarking, Descriptive & Statistical Analytics, and Data Visualization (Analysis and Preparation)

This is sometimes confused with Business Analytics for the high connectedness between the two. The striking difference between these two is that while Business Intelligence uses historical and current data to cognize what happened in past and what is happening currently, Business Analytics (based on business intelligence) mostly endeavours to make informed predictions for the future.

Data Analytics

Just like we are abounded with lots of information and resources, and have to find what might benefit us, and then we examine those potentialities to gain something valuable; the same is the situation with businesses. And, for them, Data Analytics is the solution!

A broad term encapsulating many diversities of data analysis, Data Analytics is the science of examining the raw data to get a conclusion about the available information.

The most important techniques for data analytics are Regression Analysis, Factor Analysis, Cohort Analysis, Time Series Analysis, and Monte Carlo Simulations.

Any type of information can be put into data analytics techniques to gain insight for improvement. With Data analytics techniques one can get the trends and metrics that would otherwise have been lost in the mass of information.

AI & ML Solutions

Unleash the hidden and unharnessed potential of the data, and save time & effort by automating the repetitive tedious tasks with our specialized Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions.

Artificial Intelligence, in form of smart tools and devices, is taking the world by storm, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that this is the future. And, those who ignore the vision regarding the future are mostly the one who fails!

AI is useful in analyzing a huge volume of data and helping you take informed decisions. And, this also comes in handy in tackling menial repetitious tasks. Some of those tasks cannot be replaced by conventional programs and algorithms but AI can do that with utmost perfection.

But the advanced concept requires the rightly skilled tech team, and that’s where Karventum Analytics comes in to play for your help!

Dashboard Creations

In Business Intelligence and Data Analytics context, Dashboard is a tool to organize, visualize, analyze, and track data. Such a dashboard empowers analysts, decision-makers, and even laymen to understand the trend & patterns and gain deeper insights.

For any of your data dashboard requirements, Karventum Analytics is capable to create customized solutions.

Custom-made dashboards, dashboard integration, maintenance and training, dashboard modification, dashboard data management, and consultation- whatever the requirement be,we are a one-stop solution for all your needs. Leverage our dashboard creation services to extract decision-influencing information, standardize presentation, and enhance overall business operations.

Data Engineering

Big data is revolutionizing the way businesses are being operated, globally, and organizations are leaving no stone unturned in leveraging data to simplify common complexities. But for big data management a special division, termed Data Engineering comes into play.

It is the practice of strategizing and fabricating a proper system for gathering, keeping, and examining data at a large scale. With certain tools, the organizations might collect a huge volume of data but will require special expertise for the management and analysis.

With exceptional expertise in the division, Karventum Analytics helps you get insights faster. Our special services like Data Pipelines, ML Engineering, Cloud Transformations, Data Operations, and analytics brings better values and transform the business operations.

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